Safer Surrey Workshop and An introduction to Signs of Safety Briefing

Date & Time:

Monday 12 March 2018 (Cancelled course - Changed to Signs of Safety event)

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Cancelled Course,


Pre-requisites: Participants must be a professional working with children and families in Surrey.

Target Group: The course is aimed at practitioners and managers in voluntary, independent and statutory agencies who need to be aware of the new Safer Surrey approach in Surrey.  

Course Aim: This course will provide practitioners with an overview of the Safer Surrey Approach, what it means in Surrey, and how it can be embedded within practice. 

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course participants will have: 

Had an overview of the Safer Surrey Approach 

Looked at what Safer Surrey means for professionals working with children and families in Surrey. 

Explored the impact Safer Surrey has on professionals working in Surrey 

Had chance to look at how Safer Surrey can be embedded within practice 

Looked at tools to use to embed the Safer Surrey Approach.

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Jane Donson/Noreen Gurner

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Cancelled Course,