Contextual Safeguarding: An introduction for professionals in Surrey

Date & Time:

Tuesday 2 March 2021 (09:45 - 16:00)


Virtual, N/a


When young people experience sexual and criminal exploitation, and other forms of harm beyond their family homes, safeguarding partnerships need to assess and intervene with extra-familial contexts and relationships. This full day training sessions will give practitioners and managers an opportunity to build a contextual understanding of extra-familial harm, and identify ways in which they can use a Contextual Safeguarding to respond. Using interactive case study activities, participants will have opportunity to practice using Contextual Safeguarding resources, and will be supported to identify the opportunities to integrate them in both their individual practice and local partnerships.

Who is the course for? Practitioners and managers within the Surrey children’s safeguarding partnership

How long will it take? One day

What will I learn? By attending the session participants will

  • Have a detailed understanding of the contextual dynamics of extra-familial harm and how these interact with adolescent development
  • Have experience of using ‘Context Weighting’ activities to assess the welfare of young people at risk of harm beyond their homes
  • Understand and be able to describe the core features of a Contextual Safeguarding approach
  • Have experience of using key resources from the Contextual Safeguarding network to support the development of responses to extra-familial harm
  • Be able to identify opportunities for implementing a Contextual Safeguarding approach in Surrey


What are the benefits? This full day training aims to:

  • Summarize the key evidence underpinning Contextual Safeguarding
  • Support participants to build contextual understanding of extra-familial harm
  • Introduce the Contextual Safeguarding Framework and allow participants to use key resources to practice common features of the approach
  • Explore the difference between implementation of Contextual Safeguarding at Level 1 and Level 2
  • Detail the legal and policy framework to developing Contextual Safeguarding approaches
  • Support participants to identify how key resources or approaches common to Contextual Safeguarding could be integrated into their everyday practices and wider systems and partnerships
  • Identify actions they can take away to commence implementation of the approach following the training session



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University of Bedfordshire

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