Understanding and supporting young people who have experienced sexual violence

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Wednesday 18 November 2020 (9.15 - 12.30)


Virtual, N/a


Survivors of sexual violence deserve support and understanding from any and all agencies they access and this training is to support your work in meeting the needs of survivors both within your organisation and who are accessing your organisation. 

Participants attending the HERSANA ‘Sexual Violence Awareness Training’ course can expect to learn about the different forms of sexual violence, childhood sexual abuse, and exploitation. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the physical and psychological impacts and responses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, mental health presentations, self-injury and eating disorders, and how to respond sensitively and appropriately to disclosures. We will also examine the myths and realities of sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse within a frame work of violence against women and girls. 

Lastly, participants will learn about the Empowerment Model, which is used as a model for exploring best practice in working with survivors of sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse.

Time spent on each area may vary to ensure topics of direct relevance to participants’ client work are given priority. All participants receive an in-depth training resource pack and a certificate of attendance.

As part of the specialist training you can expect

  • The short and long term effects of sexual violence and abuse, including the impact of adverse childhood experiences, mental health and responses to trauma
  • Key skills and approaches for working with victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse
  • Relevant legislation and how to apply it in practice
  • Explore the workings of a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) and the services and support they offer

Course content will cover:

  • Definitions and prevalence
  • Impacts and meanings
  • Legislative frameworks and the criminal justice response
  • The myths and reality
  • Specialist sexual violence referral pathways 
  • Response based therapy


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Christabel Yeboha Hersana

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Virtual, N/a